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Requirements Management

Requirements are the basis for any system development. The most important feature of Product delivery is to make sure that the Requirements (initially agreed) are successfully developed, tested and delivered on time and on budget. Unless the Requirements and changes to the system are controlled and managed, it is very difficult to measure the deliverables.

Requirements Management is part of CMMI Maturity Level 2

Specific Practices by Goal

SG 1 Manage Requirements

  • SP 1.1 Obtain an Understanding of Requirements
  • SP 1.2 Obtain Commitment to Requirements
  • SP 1.3 Manage Requirements Changes
  • SP 1.4 Maintain Bidirectional Traceability of Requirements
  • SP 1.5 Identify Inconsistencies Between Project Work and Requirements

Everyone keeps track of Requirements in different kind of documents. Most commonly used tools are word, spreadsheets. Some develop home grown database for the same. Roshi Tech worked with many tools and also configured and deployed them. Roshi Tech used ClearQuest tool and developed application to keep track of Engineering Requirements.

Roshi Tech extensively worked with tools IBM/Rational RequisitePro.

  • Developed Integrations between RequisitePro and Test Director to develop traceability matrix between Requirements and Test Cases.
  • Developed Traceability between Requirements , Work Items and Defects by integrating RequisitePro and ClearQuest.

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