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Tools Integrations

Roshi Tech has wide experience of integrating and/or providing bridges between the tools. The goal of these integration is to avoid human interventions and automate the programs to provide smooth integrations among the tools. This is one of the key factors of effective Project Management.

Typically the data for a software project is spread in many tools. Requirements are maintained in a Requirements Management tools, Source code in Version Control Systems, Work Items and Defects are managed in a Change Management System and so on... Unless we integrate all these tools and generate reports that span across these tools, it is possible to provide a eagle eye view of any project.

Roshi Tech helped its clients in providing bridges between similar functional tools. Some of these requirements came from mergers of multiple companies using different tool sets for their product development and Support. Some of the Roshi Tech Integrations include....

  • Integration of Defect Tracking System (CQ) with Customer Tracking System (Remedy)
  • Integration of Defects Tracking System (CQ) with Customer Tracking System (Soffront)
  • Integration of Project Management (MS Proj) tools with Requirements Tracking system (ReqPro)
  • Integration of IBM's Requirements Tracking system (ReqPro) with HP's Test Director
  • Integration of Requirements Tracking system (ReqPro) with Change Tracking (CQ)
  • Integration of Defect Tracking Systems (CQ, Bugzilla) with Version Control systems (ClearCase, UCM,SVN, CVS)

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