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Reports Management

Reports and dashboards are the way to represent the project data collected in various phases of a project Design to Release. A Project data is accumulated in different tools and different phases. To provide an eagle eye view of a project requires a way to collect these data, Correlate and present in a consumable way to the end user. Most of the tools have limited capability of representing the data. These tools are focused in delivering reports that are it has control on its data. However, to report on a projects progress, one may have to collect multiple reports from Multiple tools and create their own reports. This is very complicated and time consuming. Recent tools like Rational Team Concert (RTC) provide a dash board capability to collect and represent the data.

Roshi Tech helped its customers in generating complex reports using SpreadSheets (Excel), Crystal Reports and BIRT Reporting tools. It helped its customers in analyzing the data in multiple dimensions. It has expertise in extracting the needed data from Relational Databases and/or proprietary data using tool API's. When a tool doesn't provide SDK/ API, Roshi Tech has developed custom tools using PERL, VB, JAVA and SQL to augment the reporting capabilities.

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